Have the Talk: Sexuality, Intimacy, and Aging (Part II)

Older couple snuggling on a dock in front of water, their backs to the camera.

In this episode of CABHI’s Community of Innovation podcast, hosts Drs. Allison Sekuler and Rosanne Aleong are joined again by guests Maggie Perquin and Sylvia Davidson for our second of two episodes on sexuality, intimacy, and aging.

In our previous episode, Maggie and Sylvia explored the importance of intimacy in the aging journey, the challenges that 2SLGBTQI+ couples face, and how healthcare can better support people living with dementia and their partners. In today’s episode, we will be doing a deeper dive into the often taboo nature of the topic; how we need to broaden our definition of intimacy beyond intercourse; and real-life examples of stigma and issues of sexuality and intimacy in healthcare environments.

Key Highlights

Dr. Allison Sekuler: “What stood out for me is that intimacy really comes in all shapes and sizes. It can change not just across different people, but for a person during different stages of their life and during different stages of a relationship throughout the course of a dementia journey.”

Dr. Rosanne Aleong: “[What stood out for me] were two things: the normalization [of talking about intimacy]… so when an urgent crisis happens, [talking about intimacy] is not coming out of the blue. It can be a really meaningful conversation at any point of a life. The second: thinking about the caregiver [who is the partner of a person living with dementia] in that changing dynamic.”

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Learn more about our guests

Maggie Perquin is a wife, mother, grandmother, retired teacher, and was caregiver to her wife Ruth, who recently passed away after living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.  Maggie and Ruth were partners for almost 29 years, surrounded by loving children, grandchildren, and many close friends. Maggie is a strong advocate for individuals living with dementia, working to improve their care within the community and healthcare system.

Sylvia Davidson is an occupational therapist who has been working with older adults for most of her clinical career, practicing in acute care, rehabilitation, long-term care and in the community. Although recently retired, for the past 12 years, she managed therapy services at Baycrest. She also teaches about relevant aging issues, particularly dementia care.

About the Podcast

CABHI’s Community of Innovation podcast is where topics on ingenuity, aging and brain health collide. Join us as we talk to experts in healthcare, research, technology, and business, as well as older adults and their caregivers, about the innovative practices and healthtech solutions helping us all lead longer, healthier lives.

Hosted by Dr. Allison Sekuler (President and Chief Scientist at CABHI) and Dr. Rosanne Aleong (Director of Research, Innovation, and Translation at CABHI).

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