About Leap

Created by the Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation (CABHI), Leap is an online community where we share, learn, collaborate, and advise on solutions that are being developed to make aging better.

Leap is a welcoming, diverse, and engaged online community that co-creates meaningful experiences with older adults.

Learn about the latest technologies and innovations in the longevity market.

Access wellness tools for physical, mental and brain health.

Test and provide feedback to innovators on the design and usability of their solutions.

Co-design and share their own innovative solutions.

Form connections, exchange stories and learn with each other.

Advocate for an intergenerational, age-friendly society where older adults are valued as contributing members.

Leap events, initiatives and resources equip older adults and caregivers with the tools to contribute their insight and guidance on a range of aging and brain health products, services, and programs. Whether through storytelling, learning and applying the skills of collaboration, or increasing awareness of new technologies on the market, all engagements empower Leap members to share their lived experiences and inform the development of innovations that are accessible and solve real-world challenges.

Simply put, Leap bridges the gap between older adults and caregivers and the innovators and solutions meant for them.

Our Mission

Equip older adults and caregivers with the tools/skills to contribute their insight and guidance on aging and brain health products, services, and programs with the goal of making them useful, accessible, and effectively address the real-world problems they were developed to solve.

Our Vision

A global community of innovation that is centered around diverse populations of older adults that are actively engaged in sharing their life experiences to inform and impact the quality of solutions available that can help older adults everywhere to live their best lives as they age.

Feel empowered to take agency in living your best life as you age. If you’re 55+, joining the Leap community provides you access and tools to inform, change, and benefit from the future of aging and brain health. The Leap community is yours to explore at your own pace; you can connect with like-minded peers bonded by similar attitudes, values and goals, learn about the latest technology in aging and brain health, inform aging and brain health solutions, and advocate for an intergenerational age-friendly society. What you gain from Leap you can apply to your day-to-day life; but Leap has so much more to learn from you, so we hope to see you soon! 

Caregivers are so important in providing care as we age, and Leap helps bridge the gap between those who deliver care and those who are creating solutions to support them. Join Leap to help shape and advocate for an intergenerational age-friendly society that not only supports older adults and persons living with dementia (PLWD), but caregivers of older adults as well. Alongside like-minded peers, you’ll have opportunities to apply your insights and lived experience to help inform and create a better care environment for yourself and those you care for.

How do you maximize the potential of your idea or solution? Does your solution deliver true value and enhance your user’s experience? Draw on the diverse membership of Leap to ensure your offering brings more value to those it serves. Using a tailored approach specific to your needs, engage with Leap members to validate that you are solving a real problem, improve your solution’s uptake and mitigate risk of downstream rejection, and identify untapped market opportunities. When you hear directly from your end-users their lived experience and perspectives, that’s when you really position yourself to disrupt the future of aging and brain health. 

Working with the Leap community brings so much value to a variety of stakeholders: Communities can empower residents and clients to live their best lives as they age, Government agencies can leverage pragmatic data to inform priorities and policies, Researchers can leverage real-time dialogue and data to inform studies, practices, and strategies. The opportunities are endless. So, whether you are considering co-hosting an event, facilitating programming, sponsoring initiatives, or onboarding a community you’re a part of, we’d be happy to learn more! If that sounds like you, get in touch. 

If you’d like to get involved with Leap but aren’t quite sure how, please send us an email with more information and we’d be happy to chat further.