Acceleration Services

CABHI-funded applicants are provided with access to a wide range of services.

CABHI’s Innovation Office connects point-of-care workers, industry leaders and healthcare innovators to professionals with wide-ranging and diverse global expertise in:

  • Business Development
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Project Management
  • Commercialization
  • Knowledge Mobilization

Core Services

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Project Management Support

Every CABHI-funded project is assigned to one of the project managers in our Innovation Office, who will support you and your team to ensure your project stays on track and meets its milestones for success. Your assigned project manager is your point of contact for accessing CABHI’s acceleration services.

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Marketing & Communications

CABHI’s Marketing & Communications Department will help bolster your project’s outreach by sharing with media and our broad network of stakeholders.

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Meeting & Event Space

Book our space for your meetings and networking opportunities. Housed at Baycrest Health Sciences, CABHI HQ offers state-of-the-art technology, exceptional meeting rooms, whiteboard walls and event space to its successful applicants and subject to availability.

Acceleration Services

As a CABHI-funded project, we will assist you in building a business plan and ensuring your project communicates its value in order to bolster opportunities for commercialization and/or wide-scale adoption of your innovation.

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Seniors Advisory Panel

The Seniors Advisory Panel is a consumer panel comprised of older adults with lived experience in aging and caregiving. Many have professional backgrounds in engineering, education, entrepreneurship, health care, etc. The Panels’ “voice of the market” can be a critical factor in your project’s success, ensuring innovations align with real world problems and solutions. Members offer feedback on CABHI projects:

  • Evaluating innovations from concept through deployment
  • Identifying evaluation parameters
  • Participating in focus groups
  • Providing advisory /mentorship services

View member bios.

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Business Development

CABHI recognizes that your project requires more than just funding. We give innovators access to the partners and networks to build key relationships. Our Business Development Department provides both online and in-person support for innovators to prepare them for commercialization. Services available:

  • Market research support
  • Strategy and business development advisory
  • Connections within the healthcare innovation ecosystem
  • Connections to potential customers
  • IP and legal support
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Knowledge Mobilization

We embolden our innovators to support the spread and broader adoption of their successfully proven solutions. CABHI offers knowledge mobilization services to projects that are looking to sustain and scale. Services available:

  • A knowledge mobilization toolkit with tools/templates to support dissemination and implementation of innovations
  • Coaching and consultation

Learn more about our knowledge mobilization services here.

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CABHI offers design capability resources to assist project teams to define and clarify their intended user’s unmet needs, refine a unique value proposition, optimize product/service development and implementation, usability testing, and participatory design development. Services available:

  • Product/service design
  • Contextual design research
  • User insight
  • Development/implementation planning
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Trial Design & Research Ethics

CABHI can help projects to refine their trial design and research methods. These services will help the innovator to conceptualize, plan, and execute their trial to reach their research goals while meeting ethical requirements. Scientific and clinical consultation services for trials available, including topics such as:

  • Protocol design
  • Ethics and regulatory requirements
  • Participant recruitment
  • Data collection and management
  • Data analysis and interpretation

James Mayer
Manager, Health Innovations
Innovation Office

Shusmita Rashid
Senior Implementation Specialist, Systems Innovation
Innovation Office

Jonathan Suckling
Manager, Health Innovations
Innovation Office

Sunny Han

Sunny Han
Innovation Office

Karol Kamecka

Karol Kamecka
Innovation Office

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