Acceleration Services

CABHI acceleration services help move ideas to impact.

To date, our services have helped:

300+ Solutions

We have developed, validated, and implemented 300+ solutions across 80 cities.

78,000+ People

We have engaged 78,000+ older adults and caregivers in the innovation process.

$200M Raised

We have raised more than $200M to support, grow, and scale early-stage companies.

We set our innovators up for success by connecting them to an invaluable support network.

What We Do

Applied research + validation support

Startup curriculum designed to help innovators build core competencies to develop, validate, and scale their solutions.

Startup tools + training

Translational research support provided by the Kunin-Lunenfeld Centre for Applied Research and Evaluation (KL-CARE) to help innovators validate their solutions in healthcare environments.

Coaching support from subject matter experts

Professional support and mentorship from members of our Coaches Community who provide financial, legal, regulatory, and research expertise.

Customer acquisition + distribution channels

Brokering with 150+ members of our Innovation Network – distribution channels and leading healthcare organizations that test and adopt solutions.

End-user testing + customer discovery

End-user feedback and usability testing through Leap– a global and diverse community of older adults and caregivers who provide insights to innovators to increase solution uptake.

Support from talented students + interns

100% subsidized internships/co-op placements to access support from talented students and interns.

Discover how our tailored acceleration services can help you grow and scale your solution.

The Innovation Office Team

Headshot of: James Mayer

James Mayer
Senior Manager
Investments &
Venture Services

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Shusmita Rashid
Senior Manager
Knowledge Mobilization

Headshot of: Jonathan Suckling

Jonathan Suckling
Health Innovations

Headshot of: Karol Kamecka

Karol Kamecka
Innovation Analyst

Headshot of: Sunny Han

Sunny Han
Innovation Analyst

Jenna Pirmohamed

Jenna Pirmohamed
Knowledge Broker

Headshot of: Jesse Mastrangelo

Jesse Mastrangelo
Project Manager Commercialization

Christine Nhan

Christine Nhan
Community Engagement Coordinator