Discover and Adopt (D+A)

The Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation (CABHI) presents the Discover and Adopt (D+A) Program to support care delivery organizations* with funding and training to introduce, implement, and sustain innovations that address their pain points.

* Due to funder requirements, the organization must be located in Canada.

Key Benefits


Access an investment of up to $150,000 CAD

Training Sessions and Implementation Coaching Support

Gain access to tools, templates, and tailored coaching support to develop and operationalize an Implementation Action Plan that will help you: (1) identify and refine a pain point, (2) assess and select an innovator solution to address the pain point, and (3) plan how to test and implement the solution in your own setting.

Procurement Support

Program participants that make a procurement decision have the option of submitting a procurement plan to receive additional funding to support procurement activities.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with CABHI’s network of industry, academic, and public sector organizations through exclusive innovation showcases and events to exchange learnings and opportunities.


Closing the Gap

CABHI recognizes that organizations face many barriers to sourcing, testing, and adopting innovations (e.g., products, programs, or services) that can improve the quality of care and quality of life of those they serve.

The D+A program is designed to support organizations with building the skills required to introduce, implement, and sustain innovations in their own settings.

Each participating organization will receive up to $150,000 CAD in funding to build their capacity to test, adopt, and procure an innovative solution.

Who is this program designed for?

A care delivery organization (e.g. long term care home, retirement home, hospital, etc.):

  • That provides care to older adult populations
  • Is located in Canada
  • Has some preliminary experience introducing an innovative product, program, or service into the organization
  • Has staff members who can participate in the program
  • Has leadership support to participate in the program

An innovator with a solution (e.g. product, program or service):

  • That addresses a participating care delivery organization’s pain point.
  • That consents to having their solution tested in a Canadian-based care delivery organization(s) for a period of 3-6 months.
  • Has some preliminary experience with implementing their solution in a care delivery organization.

Are you an innovator with a solution you’d like trialed through the D+A program? Please stay tuned as application information for innovators will be released in Fall 2023. If you are interested in your solution being trialed by a healthcare organization participating in the program, please complete this Expression of Interest form.

How can CABHI help?

Each participating organization will receive $100,000 CAD in funding to support building skills and capacity to test and adopt an innovative solution. Organizations that make a procurement decision will also have the option of submitting a procurement plan to receive up to $50,000 CAD to support activities to prepare for procurement.

CABHI’s investment will support backfilling of key staff members who will be participating in the D+A program activities and overseeing management and completion of program milestones and deliverables. CABHI will engage with each participating organization to confirm eligible expenses, payment schedule and cash flow.

CABHI’s D+A program gets you one step closer to introducing, implementing, and sustaining innovation in your own setting.
Let us help you #getinnovationready

Key 2023 – 2024 Program Dates

Program Application Opens

May 29, 2023

Deadline for Applications

June 30, 2023

Selected Applicants Notified

September 11, 2023

Phase 1: Discover

October 2023

Phase 2: Select and Plan for Implementation

November 2023 – January 2024

Phase 3: Implement & Test Innovation

March – October 2024

Phase 4: Plan for Procurement

September – October 2024

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Questions about the program? Contact Jenna Pirmohamed, Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation at 

What Our Care Delivery Organizations Say About CABHI


Blake Daly
MBA, Manager of Innovation, Bruyère

“Bruyère is thrilled to be part of CABHI’s D+A program. The program has brought together like-mind organizations that are striving to use practical innovations to better serve their clients and to increase their innovation capacity through CABHI’s education and training sessions. We are just beginning to see the fruits of what a shared innovation journey can result in for Bruyère and I look forward to sharing those fruits with healthcare organizations across the country and beyond.”

Danielle Sinden
Director, Centre of Excellence and Research Operations at Perley Health

“Our team from the Perley Health Centre of Excellence in Frailty-Informed Care™ really benefitted from the structured approach of the D+A program; it helped us establish a common language and ensured we arrived at the implementation stage in a timely manner.

With the ongoing support from CABHI, a core team was established from the outset, which promoted a sense of ownership and enhanced accountability. It really helped us build capacity across our organization.

The D+A program is also unique in that it supports the sustainability and long-term impacts of technology implementation through its’ funding model.
We look forward to measuring and sharing the impact of our project and our continued collaboration with CABHI.”

Jackie Song
Interim Manager of Practice Innovation and Change at Unity Health Toronto

“We found the resources really helpful for us to be intentional about planning and thinking through the processes that would be required to execute any implementation. The program also allowed for connections to groups that we normally would not otherwise have interacted with. The allocation of funds seemed to be based on our willingness to change and foster growth vs funding a specific program. It allows for organizations to be selected for priorities that align with our own needs as opposed to other models where it is a specific program implementation that is to be funded. We really appreciated those aspects of the program and are very excited to be a part of it.”

George Ioannidis

George Ioannidis
Associate Professor of Medicine (Division of Geriatrics and Rheumatology) at McMaster University and Deputy Director of the Geras Centre for Aging Research at Hamilton Health Sciences

“The CABHI D+A program is important and unique for our healthcare organization. The program offers the flexibility for us to identify our clinical pain points that we think are important to our patients and what our patients think are important. The program provides coaching and guidance in how to assess the innovation appropriately. The program brings innovators with solutions to our organization, which I think is amazing. We had 8 innovators to evaluate, which prior to the program, we knew very little about. I think that this process brings together innovators and healthcare providers in a very helpful and constructive way that supports potential implementation process of innovation at Hamilton Health Sciences.”


Lora Bruyn Martin
Innovation Specialist at Schlegel Villages

“I think that the D+A program is a fantastically unique program. Not only does it provide funding which means we can have dedicated resources allocated to the innovation project, but also provides education and coaching on adopting innovation. That includes everything from how you engage stakeholders at the beginning of the process, how to dig deep and understand what the problem is that you’re dealing with from all different perspectives of your stakeholders to, at the very end, how to assess the impact of the innovation that you’ve adopted. For example, how do you identify unintended consequences? And how do you produce your business case including your ROI that you would present to your organization?”