Love Out Loud: Sexuality, Intimacy, and Aging (Part I)

Two older women close to each other, nose touching. A rainbow flag is draped around both of them.

This episode is dedicated to Maggie Perquin’s wife, Ruth Martin, who recently passed away after living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

Let’s get comfortable and have “the talk.” In honour of Pride Month, hosts Drs. Allison Sekuler and Rosanne Aleong chat with Maggie Perquin and Sylvia Davidson about sexuality, intimacy, and aging with a focus on individuals living with dementia and their partners. Tune in as we talk candidly about the experiences of these individuals, including relationship changes, the unique challenges for 2SLGBTQI+ couples, and how the healthcare system can better support them.

Do you have a burning question about sexuality, intimacy, and aging? We’re bringing back Maggie and Sylvia for part two of this series later this year. If you’ve got a question for our guests, send them in for a chance to have your questions featured in our follow-up episode.

Key Highlights

Dr. Allison Sekuler: “One of the things that stood out for me was just the incredible love that was just underlying everything that we heard Maggie talking about in terms of her journey with her loved one, Ruth, and the fact that there are ways to think of dementia as a gift…It sounds like a strange thing to say, but I just found it really inspiring.”

Dr. Rosanne Aleong: “[What stood out for me] was their openness. Our two guests are incredibly forthright, incredibly open, so generous in how they share their memories, their journey, and their thinking on this topic They themselves are open and they are advocating so strongly for others to be open. It’s just that openness of spirit, openness of conversation…”

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Learn more about our guests

Maggie Perquin is a wife, mother, grandmother, retired teacher, and was caregiver to her wife Ruth, who just recently passed away after living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.  Maggie and Ruth were partners for almost 29 years, surrounded by loving children, grandchildren, and many close friends. Maggie is a strong advocate for individuals living with dementia, working to improve their care within the community and healthcare system.

Sylvia Davidson is an occupational therapist who has been working with older adults for most of her clinical career, practicing in acute care, rehabilitation, long-term care and in the community. Although recently retired, for the past 12 years, she managed therapy services at Baycrest. She also teaches about relevant aging issues, particularly dementia care.

About the Podcast

CABHI’s Community of Innovation podcast is where topics on ingenuity, aging and brain health collide. Join us as we talk to experts in healthcare, research, technology, and business, as well as older adults and their caregivers, about the innovative practices and healthtech solutions helping us all lead longer, healthier lives.

Hosted by Dr. Allison Sekuler (President and Chief Scientist at CABHI) and Dr. Rosanne Aleong (Director of Research, Innovation, and Translation at CABHI).

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