CABHI presents Community of Innovation podcasts!

Innovation can be a lonely pursuit. (Especially in seniors’ care.)

Innovation – by definition – is disruptive. Even in the most supportive circumstances, introducing novel devices, services or programming means fighting the path of least resistance. CABHI is a magnet for people disrupting ‘normal care’ with the hope of implementing better care. From our perspective, we’re surrounded by people rolling up their sleeves to try something new. Recently, we realized, that’s a pretty privileged perspective!

Through our Acceleration Services, CABHI makes resources available to our community of innovators. But the community itself represents a vital resource of insight and experience we would like to tap into.

We’ve been quietly building channels that we hope will let our community of innovators share, connect and collaborate with each other. (If you are part of a CABHI-funded project and haven’t yet joined our community Slack channel, or signed up to receive our monthly ‘Acceleration Newsletter’, please do!)

Now we’re excited to debut our “Community of Innovation” podcast! The show will feature a lively and informative discussion about the practice of innovation, starring a different CABHI-funded project team speaking with experts drawn from the fields of research, commercialization, clinical implementation and design. (Plus, the CABHI team, of course.)

Our first episode focuses on the Ethics of Innovation, and features insights from Roshan Guna (Baycrest’s Manager of Research Ethics & Participation) and Fidelma Serediuk (Baycrest’s Manager and Professional Practice Chief, Physiotherapy; Manager, Sam & Ida Ross Memory Clinic). Fidelma is the local lead for the multi-site Motiview project, which is engaging older adults (many with dementia) in virtual cycling tours to destinations from around the world. In discussion with CABHI’s Managing Director, Dr. Allison Sekuler, our Commercialization Lead, Spencer Giffin, and our Director of Research, Innovation & Translation, Dr. Rosanne Aleong, Roshan and Fidelma explain how they navigated the often-dreaded Research Ethics Board approval process, and along the way clear up such matters as “What is and isn’t research?”, “When do you need REB approval?”, and “What is Slow TV anyway?”

Listen to the episode, and view detailed notes.

If you feel so inspired, let us know what you think. We’re specifically looking for a better name for the show, and what topics we should cover in the future. Email us, or if you’re part of the CABHI family, come find us on Slack and join the discussion there.

See you next month!

Podcast Theme music: “Air Hockey Saloon” by Chris Zabriskie, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License