CABHI awards $8.3 million to support aging-related innovations and research

Many older adults want to maintain their ability to live independently, despite having healthcare conditions that need to be monitored by family members and clinicians.  This situation creates an opportunity for innovative solutions that enable older adults to maintain their independence while remaining connected to their caregivers and healthcare providers.

In response to this opportunity, today we announce 26 new projects that are receiving CABHI financial support to help accelerate their innovations towards commercialization and wide-spread sector adoption. In total, CABHI awarded $8.3 million in funding support today.

Providing financial support to this new round of projects will help us pursue our vision of a world in which people can age in the setting of their choice, maintaining their cognitive, emotional, and physical well-being as well as their independence as long as possible.

Among the projects receiving CABHI support:

  • A home-based device that organizes and accurately dispenses multiple medications for older adults with chronic illnesses.
  • A social network that provides peace of mind to families, by enabling them to search for qualified, reliable caregivers who can provide in-home care designed to mitigate physical and cognitive decline for their loved ones.
  • A brain health assessment tool that can help older adults answer the question: “Is my memory normal or should I see my doctor?”

The projects receiving support are part of three CABHI programs: the Industry Innovation Partnership Program, the Researcher-Clinician Partnership Program (RCP2), and the Knowledge Mobilization Partnership Program (KMP2). Led by researchers, clinicians and companies worldwide, the projects promote public and private collaborations among several industry and healthcare organizations. These organizations are working together to test solutions and/or support dissemination and adoption of innovations in the seniors’ care sector — helping to drive economic development in Ontario, Canada and beyond. 

Thanks to the most recent round of financial support announced today, CABHI is helping drive innovations forward that will help provide greater levels of independence to an aging population.