Aging 2.0

We have recently joined a select group leading senior care organizations and technology companies as Aging 2.0 Alliance Partners. Aging 2.0 has a mission very symbiotic with that of Baycrest and CC-ABHI which is to accelerate innovation to improve the lives of older adults around the world. The organization was recently featured in this New York Times article on the need for better engagement between aging adults, their caregivers and the high-tech companies developing solutions for them.

Aging 2.0’s Vision


As an Aging 2.0 alliance partner, Baycrest and CC-ABHI is now an active participant in a community of progressive developers designing solutions to improve the lives of older adults around the world. One of the first initiatives we undertook as an alliance partner was to be a sponsor of the initiative called #30in30in30. This global event hosted 30 pitch events in 30 cities around the world, all within in 30 days. The Toronto node of this event was also co-sponsored by OCAD-U, Revera and AgeWell – all partners of CC-ABHI.

The local winning teams from around the world were further filtered down to a select few who will pitch their product/services ideas these next few days at the Aging 2.0 Expo, in San Francisco. And that is part of the reason why Bill Reichman and I are here; to be part of the Aging 2.0 Expo program and to meet companies and prospective CC-ABHI collaborators. Bill will participate in the Innovation Reactor Panel where he and his co-panelists will describe their organization and approach to innovation and then discuss how each is approaching the challenge of improving the lives of older adults.