Securing Funding in the Longevity Market | Community of Innovation Podcast, Episode 15

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Funding makes the world go ‘round – especially when you’re an entrepreneur looking to secure investments for your innovative agetech solution. While there may be many riches in the niches of the longevity market, it can be challenging for entrepreneurs in this space to access them. At CABHI’s 2020 What’s Next Canada conference, Sam Ifergan (Founder and Managing Partner at iGan Partners) and Anna Han (Senior Lead, Industry Relations Portfolio Management at Ontario Brain Institute) spoke to entrepreneurs about how they can stand out and secure funding to scale and grow their agetech companies – and truly make a lasting impact in the longevity market.

In this discussion, first recorded as an Investors Panel at What’s Next Canada 2020, learn about the important qualities that investors are looking for in companies before they commit to funding, including:

  • Innovative products with a strong proof of concept
  • Technologies that solve real problems and have clear market prospects
  • Strong business models that focus on sustainability over time

On the panel: Mary Furlong (CEO of Mary Furlong & Associates and panel moderator), Anna Hann (Senior Lead, Industry Relations Portfolio Management, Ontario Brain Institute), and Sam Ifergan (Founder & Managing Partner, iGan Partners).

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