Riches and Niches of Cognitive Health | Community of Innovation Podcast, Episode 6

Joyful older woman in natural setting

Too often the discussion of aging is focused exclusively on loss. An aging society demands our active engagement to adapt and address new challenges and emerging opportunities.

Mary Furlong compares aging to an emerging market, closer to a new nation opening its borders to trade. Today on the show we visit this new emerging marketplace with the help of two knowledgeable explorers: Mary Furlong of Mary Furlong and Associates, and Kaveh Vejdani, Chief Medical & Technology Officer and Co-founder of Darmiyan.

This wide-ranging conversation with CABHI co-hosts Dr. Allison Sekuler (Managing Director) and Spencer Giffin (Commercialization Lead) covers the dynamics of this new market, the role of research and innovation, and the many opportunities to do well while doing good for older adults.


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