CABHI’s MC² Capital Program: Meet the Newest Companies

CEO and Founder of Hyivy Health Rachel Bartholomew.

*Hyivy Health, CEO and founder Rachel Bartholomew pictured above, is one of seven new companies accepted to CABHI’s MC2 Capital program. 

Earlier this year, the Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation (CABHI) launched a Call for Innovations for its Mentorship, Capital, and Continuation (MC2) program, in partnership with National Bank. MC2 Capital is a first-of-its-kind investment program dedicated to supporting early-stage Canadian healthtech and fintech companies. The program addresses critical innovation gaps by supporting companies with early-stage funding and unlocking access to potential buyers, subject matter experts, and international markets. With 40 companies applying, CABHI is thrilled to see the thriving Canadian healthtech and fintech sectors invested in building solutions for aging adults.

CABHI is proud to announce the program’s next cohort comprised of seven companies. Each participating company was able to receive an investment of up to $300,000 CAD and access to CABHI’s Acceleration Services to help grow and scale their solution. Plus, eligible companies could also receive additional investments of up to $300,000 from the Ontario Brain Institute, up to $150,000 from Innovacorp, and business financing from Clearco. Companies could also access additional investment opportunities through CABHI’s venture community.

Meet the Companies

InteraXon Muse

* Received co-investment from Ontario Brain Institute.
InteraXon Muse develops brain-sensing headband designed to offer real-time feedback on brain activity during meditation and insightful tracking over time. The company’s headband uses EEG sensors and cloud technology to provide real-time feedback on mental activity, heart rate, breathing, and body movements, enabling users to make their lives connected, mindful, and helps them build a consistent meditation practice.



iGuard Home Solutions Inc.

* Received co-investment from Ontario Brain Institute.
iGuard Home Solutions Inc.’s iGuardStove is an easy-to-use motion sensor and adjustable countdown timer that automatically shuts off the stove after five minutes of no motion. If it sees you moving within those five minutes, it will continuously reset the countdown timer back to the full five minutes. iGuardStove will only step in and shut off the stove if you are gone for the full five minutes. It does this by using its patented advanced motion sensor technology where it can sense movement in the cooking area and can then react accordingly.



Hypercare develops a digital healthcare collaboration application intended to serve communication and greater continuity of patient care. The company’s application connects the right providers at the right time for patient-centered care in diverse settings such as hospitals, long-term care facilities, community care organizations, and family practices. The application minimizes disruptive interruptions by providing context to the information shared with simplicity, enabling clinicians to communicate and locate each other quickly and effectively.



iRegained develops medical devices intended to address the physical rehabilitation needs of individuals. The company’s products assist people who have experienced an injury to the brain through stroke or trauma, resulting in impairment in hand function, enabling stroke patients to regain both control and hand function.



Curv Health

* Received matching investment from Innovacorp and Ontario Brain Institute.
Curv is a comprehensive digital clinic, comprised of digital tools that function as the enablement layer between clients and allied healthcare providers. Through direct-to-consumer digital therapeutic tools, Curv provides clients with greater allied health access, radical cost savings, and long-term health improvements spanning physical, mental, and nutritional health.



Perceiv AI

Perceiv AI develops a precision medicine platform intended to accelerate the development of effective life-changing therapies using AI. The company’s platform ingests various types of data to better characterize individuals based on imaging, genetic, phenotypic, and clinical variables. This enables healthcare organizations to improve treatment outcomes by better targeting responders.



Hyivy Health

Hyivy Health develops holistic pelvic rehab devices designed for women to help alleviate pelvic health symptoms after a devastating diagnosis, treatment, or surgery. The company provides the first quantifiable data set on the pelvic floor and different therapies from multiple sensors and mechanical functions to help keep track of progress, adapt treatment plans, and provide more effective, comfortable rehab experiences from home. This enables women to improve sexual recovery after treatment, and surgery.