MC2 Capital

CABHI’s Mentorship, Capital and Continuation program (MC2), presented in partnership with National Bank, launches MC2 Capital, a first-of-its-kind investment program dedicated to supporting early-stage Canadian* healthtech companies.

Receive an investment of up to $300,000 CAD to grow and scale your healthtech solution.

* Due to funder requirements, the company must be located in Ontario or Nova Scotia, or, if in another part of Canada, it must have headquarters and/or traction in Ontario.

As a hands-on investor, we provide you with access to acceleration services to further grow and scale your company:


Innovation Network

Tap into a 200+ network of distribution channels and industry organizations.


Coaches Community

Meet our 100+ subject matter experts in healthcare, industry, venture capital, and more.



Receive financing, legal, and regulatory benefits and discounts through our corporate partners.


Customer Discovery

Unlock end-user testing and customer discovery to increase sales.

Who We Are

CABHI’s MC2 program has an established track record of helping companies acquire customers, grow revenues, expand sales pipelines, incorporate in new jurisdictions, and obtain carry-on investments.

To date, more than 50% of all CABHI companies have secured carry-on investment, for a total of $150M. More than 30 companies have also obtained clinical/product validation.

Let us help you #getmarketready

Who You Are

Your early-stage company:

  • Seeks investment capital to grow and scale
  • Has a healthtech solution to improve the lives of aging adults
  • Based in Ontario or Nova Scotia, and/or has traction or headquarters in Ontario
  • Meets one or more of CABHI’s five Innovation Themes

Access Your Capital

Canadian healthtech companies face an early-stage funding gap. CABHI helps close this gap by enabling access to buyers, subject matter experts, and international markets,
such as those in the US, Japan, or UK.

Each participating company will receive an investment of up to $300,000 CAD and access to CABHI’s Acceleration Services to help grow and scale their solution.

What Our Companies Say about CABHI


CEO & Founder, Braze Mobility Inc.

“CABHI’s MC2 Program has been terrific! Their Innovation Network Partners allowed us to benefit from workshops that were extremely valuable, covering all major aspects of any business. In addition, all the mentors we now have through CABHI’s Coaches Community are helping us achieve key milestones that will allow us to grow and bring our wheelchair blind spot sensors to millions of users around the world!”


Co-Founder & CEO, RetiSpec

“CABHI has been a huge part in helping RetiSpec grow over the years. Thanks to CABHI’s people-first approach, it manages to bring together incredible minds that helped us achieve way beyond our goals in the MC2 program. Through their Innovation Network, CABHI helped us build strong partnerships, and significantly accelerated our path to market. I am very grateful that RetiSpec is part of the CABHI family.”


Founder, Trualta Inc.

The MC2 program has helped us accelerate our US commercialization plan and achieve our revenue targets ahead of schedule. The advisor network was particularly strong and willing to make important introductions for us.”

Key Dates

Program applications open

February 1, 2021

Deadline for applications

March 1, 2021

Shortlisted applicants’ pitch day

March 17–19, 2021

CABHI Summit: pitch competition

March 25, 2021

Due diligence process 

-Data room review

-Due diligence sessions

April 5–23, 2021
April 26–30, 2021

Due diligence process 

Data room review

April 5–23, 2021

Due diligence sessions

April 26–30, 2021

Selected applicants notified

May 17, 2021

Program start date

June 1, 2021

Get Started

Download the full program package
(French-language version available here)

Application Deadline: Monday, March 1, 2021

Questions about the program? Contact Sunny Han, Analyst, Innovation Office, CABHI, at

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