Lived Experience: A Conversation about Dementia & Technology from an Older Adult Perspective| CABHI’s Community of Innovation Podcast, Episode 18

Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve seen an influx of digital aging and brain health solutions designed to mitigate the virus’ impact on older adults, especially those living with dementia. Many of these solutions address social isolation, poor mental health, and a lack of access to quality on-demand healthcare.

On the latest episode of our Community of Innovation Podcast, we’ll hear what older adults have to say about some of these solutions and how they are shaping the future of aging. Topics include the stigma associated with aging, the formal education of family caregivers, and the importance of designing aging and brain health solutions with inclusivity in mind.

On the panel: Sue Drohan (CABHI Senior Advisory panel member), Sam Herskovits (CABHI Senior Advisory panel member), Ron Posno (Dementia Advocate), Len Carter (Dementia Advocate); moderator, Dr. Allison Sekuler (Managing Director, CABHI).

Dive into this engaging conversation, which first aired at CABHI’s 2020 What’s Next Canada conference.

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