The Longevity Economy Outlook | CABHI’s Community of Innovation Podcast, Episode 13

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Our newest podcast episode kicks off an eight-part series that captures engaging conversations from CABHI’s 2020 What’s Next Canada conference – Canada’s premier event for networking, collaboration and knowledge exchange. The conference featured speakers and thought leaders from around the world, including Jean Accius, Senior Vice President, Thought Leadership and International Affairs, AARP.

In this inaugural episode, we’ll hear Dr. Accius’ keynote speech where he explores the implications of a rise in global life expectancy and what it may mean for our economy, workforce, and healthcare system. Dr. Accius considers the challenges and opportunities that stem from older adults living, learning, and earning longer than ever before. During a time when life expectancy doesn’t always equal health expectancy, Dr. Accius also asks what are the innovations and practices that we can adopt to ensure that longer, healthier aging becomes accessible to all?

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Dr. Jean Accius is a senior executive and nationally recognized thought leader on aging, longevity, health, and long-term care policy. He is a tri-sector leader with deep knowledge and a wealth of experience having served in senior level positions across private, public and nonprofit sectors. Dr. Accius is the Senior Vice President of Thought Leadership and International Affairs at AARP. In this role, he provides strategic direction, leadership, and technical expertise championing new ideas, framing thought-provoking perspectives, and driving bold solutions to change systems and improve the lives of others as they age both domestically and internationally.

More on CABHI’s Conferences  

What’s Next Canada, hosted by the Baycrest-led Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation and co-produced by Mary Furlong & Associates, has been the industry’s premier event for networking, collaboration, and learning opportunities for the past two years. In concert with Baycrest’s Annual Rotman Research Institute Conference, What’s Next Canada attracted opportunities for innovators to form transformative collaborations with renowned researchers, clinicians, healthcare providers, and corporate executives in the seniors’ care sector. This year, CABHI will continue the momentum created through What’s Next Canada to launch its Annual Summit on March 24-25, 2021. Our 2021 Summit will feature new and exciting opportunities to network and learn from industry experts in the aging and brain health space over a virtual platform. Attendees will also receive the opportunity to witness the largest pitch competition for agetech solutions in the sector, the launch of a global community for older adults, and world-class talks from engaging speakers.