Everything You Wanted to Know About Technology and the Future of Aging

An artificial human is shown on a laptop screen while a person uses an oximeter.

CABHI’s Community of Innovation podcast is proud to continue our series of episodes featuring conversations from the CABHI Summit 2022. This episode is the series’ fifth installment.

Increasingly, there’s been a lot of talk in the media about how new technologies are transforming the way we age. Join CABHI President and Chief Scientist Dr. Allison Sekuler as she talks to some of the titans of the agetech landscape about the future of technology and aging, the role they will play in the lives of older adults and caregivers, and what these innovations mean for our collective physical and mental well-being.

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Dr. Allison Sekuler is President and Chief Scientist at the Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation (CABHI). A graduate of Pomona College (BA, Mathematics and Psychology) at the University of California, Berkeley (PhD, Psychology), Dr. Sekuler is also President and Chief Scientist at the Sandra A. Rotman Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience at the Baycrest Academy for Research and Education, Professor at the University of Toronto, and Professor Emerita at McMaster University. Dr. Sekuler has a notable record of scientific achievements in aging, vision science, cognitive neuroscience, and neurotechnology; and her translational research aims to develop methods to prevent, detect and treat age-related sensory and cognitive decline.

Dr. Alex Mihailidis is the Scientific Director & CEO of AGE-WELL. He is also the Associate Vice-President for International Partnerships at the University of Toronto and a Professor in the Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy and in the Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering, with a cross-appointment in the Department of Computer Science. Dr. Mihailidis has been researching technology and environments to support older adults for the past 17 years, having published over 200 journal papers, conference papers, and abstracts in this field.

Dr. David Lindeman is the Director of Health at the Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society and the Banatao Institute (CITRIS), University of California, Berkeley, and Director at the Center for Technology and Aging (CTA). Dr. Lindeman’s current focus is working with researchers, entrepreneurs, and investors in the incubation, start-up, evaluation, and scaling of technology-enabled healthcare solutions, including initiatives that address critical healthcare challenges through mobile/cloud, sensors/IoT, telehealth, robotics, assistive technologies, and machine intelligence (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning).

Sasha Spellman is the Startup Collaboration Director at AARP Innovation Labs. In this role, Sasha is leading the efforts for the AgeTech Collaborative™ – a B2B community platform designed to support the agetech ecosystem to connect innovative, early-stage agetech start-ups with investors, testbeds, corporations, and more. Prior to AARP, Sasha was at the Consumer Technology Association where she fostered entrepreneurship and growth of small businesses by managing the start-up program at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) called Eureka Park. She helped grow the investment of early-stage start-ups from 100 start-ups at CES 2012 to over 1200 start-ups at CES 2020.

Erica Lloyd is General Manager of Healthcare at Soul Machines, an Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) research organization that has created an astonishing, autonomously animated digital workforce. Erica works to add empathy with humanized AI into patient and healthcare workforce digital experiences at scale. Her goal is to deploy “Digital People” for the benefit of healthcare people, patients, and enterprises globally. Erica has a background in technology, the innovation ecosystem, and research in the private and public sectors.

Clara is a ‘Digital Person’, a hyper-realistic and autonomously animated artificial human powered by Soul Machines’ patented digital brain and autonomous animation technology.

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