Innovations in the Residential Care of Older Persons

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How can we design optimal housing and community settings that better support and empower older adults to live a life of purpose, community connection, security, and fulfilment?

Find out in our recording of a live fireside chat with Dr. William Reichman, President and CEO of Baycrest Seniors Care, and guest Dr. Victor Regnier, an internationally renowned architect and leading expert in innovative housing solutions and services for older persons with mental and/or physical frailty. Hear about the latest research and global developments in optimizing housing designs and programs for aging adults from across the world. Audience Q&A follows the talk.


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Dr. William E. Reichman, an internationally-known expert in geriatric mental health and dementia care, is President and CEO of Baycrest, one of the world’s premier centres focused on aging, seniors’ health and residential care and brain function. Baycrest is home to both the largest research institute and the most comprehensive innovation accelerator in the global senior care industry. Dr. Reichman also serves as President and CEO of two commercial subsidiary firms, Cogniciti and Baycrest Global Solutions. He holds an academic appointment as Professor of Psychiatry in the Faculty of Medicine, at the University of Toronto.

Victor Regnier is a teacher, researcher and architect who has focused his academic and professional life on the design of housing and community settings for older people. He holds a joint professorship between the USC School of Architecture and the Leonard Davis School of Gerontology, which is the only joint appointment of this type in the US. He is the only person to have achieved fellowship status in both the American Institute of Architects and the Gerontological Society of America. From 1992 until 1996 he served as USC’s Dean of the School of Architecture.


About the Podcast

CABHI’s Community of Innovation podcast is where topics on ingenuity, aging and brain health collide. Join us as we talk to experts in healthcare, research, technology and business, as well as older adults and their caregivers, about the innovative practices and healthtech solutions helping us all lead longer, healthier lives.

Hosted by Dr. Allison Sekuler (President and Chief Scientist at CABHI) and Dr. Rosanne Aleong (Director of Research, Innovation, and Translation at CABHI).


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