Implementing and Sustaining Innovation

Time again for our monthly Community of Innovation podcast!

(Monthly you say? Do your months typically last 90 days, Mr. and Mrs. Can’t-Keep-to-a-Monthly-Schedule?)

Ahem. Time again for our monthly Community of Innovation podcast, after its return from Summer Hiatus!

This episode we visit a topic very close to our hearts: implementation and sustainability. At CABHI, putting novel solutions into actual practice is at the heart of how we define innovation. The long and complicated path to sustainable implementation remains a profound barrier to healthcare innovation. We sat down with two esteemed experts (real ‘K Stars’, if you will!) in the field of Knowledge Mobilization to talk about what they do and how they do it.

Dr. Julia Moore (Senior Director at The Center for Implementation) and Lora Bruyn-Martin (Research Application Specialist at Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging, Innovation Integration Lead at Schlegel Villages) join the regular CABHI panel for a lively discussion of KM theory, practice and how to pronounce “COM-B”.

Listen to the podcast

  1. Introductions: 00:00 – 05:48
  2. What is Knowledge Mobilization?: 05:49 – 11:50
  3. Doing KM: Models and Tactics: 11:51 – 19:55
  4. “Core Heart Team Program” Case Study: 19:56 – 32:54
  5. What does ‘Sustainable’ Mean?: 32:55 – 40:00
  6. KM and Innovation: 40:01 – 47:30
  7. Recommended References and Resources: 47:31 – 54:25

Hey Jibo, say cheese.

From left to right: Simon’s beard, Allison, Julia, Lora, Rosanne, Spencer and Stacey (Photo credit: Jibo)

Resources and Recommended Reading




  • The Research to Impact Canvas, by A. Poets and D. Phipps
Podcast Theme music: “Air Hockey Saloon” by Chris Zabriskie, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License

Thanks to Julia and Lora’s organizations for their participation: