Canadian Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation hosts logo design challenge at OCAD University

OCADU Professor Nancy Snow speaks to students

The Canadian Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation (CC-ABHI) aims to connect global innovators with healthcare organizations and other companies to bring novel solutions from the proof-of-concept stage of development through to dissemination and adoption by older adults, caregivers and front-line medical staff. Our unique and collaborative approach aids innovators in developing, testing and disseminating solutions that show promise in helping people to age in their setting of choice while maintaining cognitive, emotional and physical well-being and independence.

As the CC-ABHI team works toward extending our reach across the senior health care ecosystem, one of our priority objectives is to increase recognition and build awareness of the programs, services and resources that we offer. To support this objective, CC-ABHI has partnered with OCAD University (OCADU) to host a logo design challenge that will enable students to participate in a competition to help build our brand by creating an innovative logo design for our new marketing name – Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation!

The logo design challenge kicked-off on Wednesday, 1 March 2017 at OCADU. Ten students from the graphic design, advertising and industrial design programs were selected to participate. All were very enthusiastic to get started on their designs, following a presentation from Raymond King, CC-ABHI’s Director of Business Development, who spoke to them about CC-ABHI’s vision and thoughts on technologies role in reshaping the future of healthcare delivery, particularly to seniors. OCADU Professor Nancy Snow then helped set the tone for the competition, and offered strategies and key insights to students on conceptualizing CC-ABHI’s new logo design. Finally, CC-ABHI’s Senior Designer Ana Matic provided students with an overview of CC-ABHI’s brand and creative direction. 

Each student will have an opportunity to submit up to two designs, and the final submissions will be judged by a panel comprised of CC-ABHI’s leadership team, in conjunction with Baycrest’s Director of Communications.  A big thank you to OCADU for helping to organize this event! 

CC-ABHI is looking forward to showcasing its new logo in the very near future! Stay tuned for the big reveal!