CABHI’S Discover and Adopt (D+A) Program: Call for Organizations 2023

A group of workers gathered around a table discussing ideas.

The Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation (CABHI), powered by Baycrest, is thrilled to announce the return of our Discover and Adopt (D+A) program to support Canadian-based care delivery organizations (specifically, long term care homes, retirement homes, hospitals, etc. that provide care to older adults) with funding and training to build the skills and capacity required to introduce, implement, and sustain innovations in their own settings.

CABHI recognizes that organizations face many barriers to sourcing, testing, and adopting innovations (e.g., products, programs, or services) that can improve the quality of care and quality of life of those they serve. The D+A program is designed to support organizations with building the skills required to introduce, implement, and sustain innovations in their own settings. Each participating organization will receive up to $150,000 CAD in funding to build their capacity to test, adopt, and procure an innovative solution.

“Our team from the Perley Health Centre of Excellence in Frailty-Informed Care™ really benefitted from the structured approach of the D+A program; it helped us establish a common language and ensured we arrived at the implementation stage in a timely manner,” says Danielle Sinden, Director, Centre of Excellence and Research Operations at Perley Health. “With the ongoing support from CABHI, a core team was established from the outset, which promoted a sense of ownership and enhanced accountability. It really helped us build capacity across our organization. The D+A program is also unique in that it supports the sustainability and long-term impacts of technology implementation through its’ funding model. We look forward to measuring and sharing the impact of our project and our continued collaboration with CABHI.”

Participating organizations gain access to:

  • Dedicated funding to allocate staff and resources to work on an innovation project
  • Learning series and coaching support from CABHI on how to plan for implementation
  • Practical experience with small tests of change, with the opportunity to use their learnings for broader scale adoption

CABHI’s D+A program gets you one step closer to introducing, implementing, and sustaining innovation in your own setting. Let us help you #GetInnovationReady. Apply by Friday, June 30, 2023.

Apply to D+A

Questions about the program? Contact Jenna Pirmohamed, Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation.