CABHI and the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation Announce $1.8M Funding Program

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Today the Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation (CABHI) and New Brunswick Health Research Foundation (NBHRF) signed a new partnership agreement designed to bolster the development, testing, and adoption of healthcare innovations in seniors’ care in New Brunswick (NB).

There is an urgency to develop innovative new technologies that will support brain health due to the fact that a growing proportion of the global population is living longer than at any other time in history. As this population ages, the need to maintain brain health and/or manage declining cognitive function will have a far-reaching impact both socially and economically.

Given the growth of the older adult population around the world, it is critical to accelerate solutions in the aging and brain health sector. These solutions will allow the seniors population to age more gracefully and in the setting of their choice, as opposed to long-term care facilities, hospitals, or nursing homes.

To address the need for new solutions, the partnership between CABHI and NBHRF calls for a combined investment of up to $1.8M CAD over the next three years to support the priorities identified by the New Brunswick Council on Aging, including the development of a joint funding program offering support to selected NB-based researchers and clinician applicants for projects that show promise in driving innovation in senior’s care and promoting economic development in NB.

The new funding program is called the Senior’s Care Strategic Innovation Fund and will offer up to $200,000 CAD in matching funding per project to accelerate the translation of research into products, services, and practices that address the needs and challenges of the aging population.

“CABHI is pleased to partner with the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation to help inspire a culture of innovation in the field of aging and brain health,” said Ron Riesenbach, Vice-President and Chief Technical Officer at CABHI and Baycrest Health Sciences.  “This partnership is a prime example of how organizations can work together across provinces to invest in improving the quality of life and care for older adults in Canada.”

For more information about the Senior’s Care Strategic Innovation Fund, view the program information page.