Knowledge Mobilization

What is knowledge mobilization in health care?

Knowledge mobilization is about getting validated products or services into the health system to improve care. This means moving what we know works into the hands of the people who can use them. We use deliberate strategies to translate this knowledge to decision makers, health care providers, consumers and patients.   


How does one do knowledge mobilization?

There are multiple deliberate activities based on models, theories, and frameworks. Activities range from collecting and making sense of knowledge, getting knowledge out into the world, applying and using knowledge.  

As an innovator you may have an idea for a product or service. Some recommended activities include:  

  • Finding out if your product or service addresses a health problem
  • Identifying the stakeholders (anyone the product or service might ‘touch’) 
  • Engaging stakeholders in the co-design of the product or service


How does using knowledge mobilization improve my funded project?

  • It helps you reach the right people at the right time in the most appropriate format
  • It involves people who you want to use your product or service in designing, testing, and putting it into place 
  • It produces more effective health services and products
  • It moves knowledge through appropriate channels and makes it accessible


How does CABHI help you with knowledge mobilization?

We provide:  

  • Resources and tools
  • Support through planning and implementing strategies
  • Engagement with a consumer group (the Seniors Advisory Panel)
  • Capacity building for you and your team


Useful resources

Here are a few resources to get you started on your knowledge mobilization journey: 

Public Health Agency of Canada’s Knowledge Translation (KT) Planning Primer 

Canadian Institutes of Health Research’s Knowledge to Action Framework  

Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research – Patient Engagement Framework 


Meet your Knowledge Mobilization Specialist

Stacey Guy, CABHI’s Knowledge Mobilization Specialist, is here to support you with knowledge mobilization activities. You can contact her directly or through your portfolio manager.  

Stacey Guy
T: 416-479-2250 ext. 6920