The Fountain of Health Initiative Promotes Brain Health Activities

Fountain of Health

Award Date: 2017

Project Lead(s): Keri-Leigh Cassidy, Clinical Academic Director Geriatric Psychiatry

Project Title: The Fountain of Health (FOH) Initiative Clinical Tools & App Feasibility Study: Attitude & Health Behavior Change to Promote Cognitive Fitness in 10-minute office visits (CBT Express)

What is the issue? 

Encouraging people to include healthy brain habits in daily life may help prevent the symptoms of dementia or cognitive impairment.   

What did we do? 

We created paper tools and apps for healthcare professionals to use to encourage their patients to improve daily habits for good brain health. For ten minutes during an appointment, patients set goals in one of five areas: positive thinking, social activity, physical activity, brain challenge, and mental health. Healthcare professionals reviewed their progress in two follow-up visitsWe created educational materials and trained more than 60 healthcare professionals how to use the tool. We also provided web-based resources and support as needed.    

What did we find? 

Most of the 175 patients in our study experienced a significant increase in attitudes toward their brain health and improved brain health behavioursPatients using the app reported the largest increases in health behaviours and attitudes. Most said it was easy or very easy to use86 % said that it helped them achieve their objectives, and 80 % achieved or exceeded their goals.