Voice of the market: CABHI’s Seniors Advisory Panel

How can innovators make sure their solutions will be successful?

As one of our acceleration services, CABHI offers innovators the opportunity to hear the needs of seniors firsthand – through the Seniors Advisory Panel.

The CABHI Seniors Advisory Panel is a consumer panel comprised of older adults with lived experience in aging and caregiving. Many have professional backgrounds in engineering, education, entrepreneurship, healthcare, and so on. The panel’s “voice of the market” can be a critical factor in the success of CABHI-supported projects, ensuring innovations align with real world problems and solutions.

Members are available to offer feedback on CABHI projects, including areas such as:

  • evaluating innovations from concept through deployment
  • identifying evaluation parameters
  • participating in focus groups
  • providing advisory/mentorship services



Learn more about our Seniors Advisory Panel members here. If you’d like to engage the Panel, contact your CABHI portfolio manager.