Pivot Like a Boss | Community of Innovation Podcast, Episode 5

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To pivot or not to pivot, that is the question. In an agile and nimble innovation space, how do you “pivot like a boss” and change one or more components of your business model to take advantage of emergent opportunities, meet an unmet need, maximize your impact, or course correct when you’ve gone down the wrong path?

Changing your business model – your value proposition, profit model, resource model, operations, or processes – can be scary. But you would be in good company if you did. Some of the biggest names in the business – Twitter, Groupon, Pinterest – are the results of one, if not many, pivots.

But how do you find the courage to pivot in(to) the aging and brain health innovation space? Join the CABHI team and their guests, Dr. Zayna Khayat (SE Health) and Michiel Rauws (X2AI), in this special international episode – guests in three cities across two countries! – as we discuss what a pivot is and what it isn’t; what the key signs to pivot are; what the anti-pivot argument is; and potential pivot regrets. Hear how Michiel and Zayna collaborated on a pivot to address social isolation, loneliness, and mental health among older adults. Learn about their experiences and potential resources so you too can pivot like a boss.


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