Launchpad Studio Opened June 21st

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Set to launch on June 21st, The Launchpad Studio, which is CC-ABHI’s first fully-funded innovation hub, will not only bring inventors and experts together in the same space, but it will also offer innovators, inventors access to a population of older adults who represent various stages of the aging spectrum.  The Launchpad Studio will be an experiential environment  that allows people to get creative to play, design and think differently to develop new skills, tools and services that accelerate the path to innovative solutions and real world change for the aging and brain health sector. 

By bringing innovators and inventors together with industry experts, researchers, and clinicians who operate in the aging and brain health sectors, the space will allow partners to share subject matter expertise, examine new ways to frame problems, spread best practices across the network, and work creatively to develop potential solutions – solutions that will ultimately impact the long-term quality of life for older adults. 

Further, the Launchpad Studio, located at Baycrest Health Sciences, will provide access to a large population of older adults who represent a wide spectrum of care needs in the aging and brain health sector.  With access to Baycrest’s population of older adults innovators, entrepreneurs and partners of CC-ABHI will be able to participate in pilot studies that can validate something new, making new solutions far more likely to move towards large-scale commercial dissemination.

Providing a physical location for the collision of ideas, sharing and incubation, entrepreneurship, wellness and healthy living allows CC-ABHI to promote a culture of innovation; the space is designed for creativity: it offers tall see-through windows and doors that allow for lots of natural light, the space has bright coloured paint to inspire new ideas, and the furniture layout offers a wide open space for the community to gather in small groups, or to pass through. 

Further, The Launchpad Studio’s collaborative and creative culture will allow subject matter experts to play with new ways of framing problems and developing new solutions, which will be developed through innovation workshops, business and design expertise.  As well, the ability to apply for funding will also be present within the Launchpad, whether though the SPARK program or other, more substantially supported streams of funding.

The Launchpad Studio provides exactly what we need to keep pushing for the delivery of creativity and innovation in the aging and brain health sector, we are looking forward to seeing many ideas take flight in the coming months!

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