“Is My Baby Ugly?” Engaging End Users (Community of Innovation Podcast Episode 4 – PART 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of our look at end user engagement.

In Part 1, we heard from the CABHI experts on the basics of speaking with end users and customers when developing your innovation.

In this episode we speak with two members of CABHI’s Seniors Advisory Panel, and a team of innovators that worked with the panel on their CABHI-funded project. We ask hard hitting questions like, ‘How’d that go for you?’, and ‘So, was your baby ugly?’.

Listen in as we compare innovation theory to practice.

Joining our host Allison Sekuler are Sue Drohan and Deb Bernstein (members of CABHI’s Seniors Advisory Panel), and Paula Chidwick (Director of Research & Corporate Ethics and Ethicist) and Jill Oliver (Community Ethicist), both at William Osler Health System, and the team behind the PoET (Prevention of Error-Based Transfers) project and app.

References and resources recommended for further reading:

The PoET Project

What is your role in healthcare decision-making in Ontario?

CABHI’s Seniors Advisory Panel

CoI Episode 4 Part 2 Participants

From Left to Right: Sue Drohan, Allison Sekuler, Deb Bernstein. Not pictured: Paula Chidwick, Jill Oliver

Podcast Theme music: “Air Hockey Saloon” by Chris Zabriskie, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License