“Is My Baby Ugly?” Engaging End Users (Community of Innovation Episode 4 – PART 1)

Is my baby ugly? (As Seinfeld taught us, sometimes it is.)

Engaging end users is considered mandatory or irrelevant, depending on the style of innovator you speak with.

Should you co-design your product in order to ensure you’re addressing a real need? Or should you squeeze into a black turtleneck and invent the future others cannot yet see?

As we hear in this episode of our podcast, the answers aren’t mutually exclusive. And one way or another, the world is going to eventually tell you whether your “baby” is ugly or not.

How and when should you engage end users to avoid pitfalls, reassess some of your treasured assumptions, and still meet those pesky deadlines and stay on budget?

Join the COI team in the first of a two-part episode on engaging end users in the development of innovative health solutions.


References and resources recommended for further reading:

CIHR’s Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research – Patient Engagement Framework

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From left to right: Stacey Guy (CABHI’s Implementation Specialist), Jonathan Suckling (Portfolio Manager), Spencer Giffin (Commercialization Lead), and Allison Sekuler (CABHI’s Managing Director, Baycrest’s VP of Research, and Sandra Rotman Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience )
Podcast Theme music: “Air Hockey Saloon” by Chris Zabriskie, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License