Health Researchers and Innovators: Can We Be Friends? | Community of Innovation Podcast, Episode 7

Health research and innovation panel at the 2019 What's Next Canada conference.

Yes, we’re all sophisticated grownups. But like at any school playground, researchers and innovators are often at a loss as to how to connect. Do we have anything in common? Will we speak the same language? Most importantly, should we play freeze tag or four-square?

On a more serious note, how do traditional academic and innovation ecosystems support and sustain authentic and productive relationships with real outputs that benefit everyone? How do we incentivize these seemingly disparate parties to want to work together?

Join the CABHI Community of Innovation podcast team for a special taping from CABHI’s 2019 What’s Next Canada Conference in Toronto, Canada. Our panel guests will share their thoughts on how funders, academic institutions, and innovators can create a sum greater than its individual parts. What are the challenges and what are the rewards? And how do our listeners find their future research or innovation bestie in this fast-paced ecosystem?

Featuring panelists Dr. Ryan D’Arcy (President and Chief Scientific Officer, HealthTech Connex), Patrick Odnokon (CEO, Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation), and Christina Weise (CEO, Research Manitoba). Moderated by Dr. Rosanne Aleong (Director, Research, Innovation & Translation at Baycrest’s Rotman Research Institute).

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The 2020 What’s Next Canada conference takes place on March 11, 2020. Register now! 


Podcast Theme music: “Air Hockey Saloon” by Chris Zabriskie, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License