Become a Trial Partner to test aging and brain health innovations!

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Is your organization interested in becoming a trial partner site to test the latest aging and brain health innovations? 

Do you have access to an aging population who would be interested in pilot testing some of the most promising innovations in the aging and brain health sector? 

If so, then the Canadian Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation (CC-ABHI) invites interested seniors’ care and other health service organizations to submit an Expression of Interest to act as a trial partner site for its Industry Innovation Partnership Program (i2p2).  Trial partners will have an opportunity to gain early access to new innovative solutions in the aging and brain health sector for testing and validation!

Trial partners must be a seniors’ care or other health service organization in Canada, or a network partner of CC-ABHI in the United States. At least one of the project participants, either the applicant company or the trial partner site, must be located in Canada.  

About the Industry Innovation Partnership Program

 i2p2 aims to bridge the gap between companies with innovative solutions and seniors’ care institutions interested in evaluating new approaches to key healthcare delivery challenges that they are facing. The program supports the evaluation of mature-stage products and services in real-life clinical and home environments.  Companies can apply for up to $600,000 (CAD) from CC-ABHI to support up to 50% of eligible project costs.  Funding will be provided directly to trial partners to administer and oversee the pilot testing. All projects must be completed within a 6 to 18 month period. Funding can go towards such costs as:

  • Backfilling clinical staff on the pilot test unit
  • Hiring a project manager
  • Relevant training, consulting costs
  • Technology resources

If you are interested in becoming a trial partner site, please respond with an Expression of Interest by February 17, 2017 to indicate that your organization is interested in participating in this brokering process.  

Express your interest to become a trial partner by completing these 4 easy steps!

  1. Visit the CC-ABHI website to review the program details.
  2. Complete the online Expression of Interest form by February 17, 2017, which includes a pilot readiness assessment questionnaire.
  3. Email to request a summary of shortlisted trial proposals seeking partners. On the Expression of Interest, indicate which solutions you are potentially interested in piloting.
  4. Include a letter of support from a senior manager at your organization to support your expression of interest and attach it as a PDF to the Expression of Interest form.

CC-ABHI welcomes your questions. Our program support team can be reached by emailing us.