Virtual Wound Care for Clients Living in Residential Care

Award Date: 2018

Project Lead(s): Michelle Merkel

Project Title: Virtual Wound Care for Clients Living in Residential Care

Clients in residential care who experience mobility issues along with their existing health issues are at risk for developing pressure injuries. If not managed in a timely way, pressure injuries can be a serious and very painful condition that could lead to hospitalization and in some cases even death. In addition, pressure injuries almost always negatively affect quality of life. By treating and managing pressure injury in a timely manner the condition can be reversed and pain can be eliminated. This innovative solution allows for the transfer of images and information on a simple smart phone device using technology that preserves the safety of the information. It connects care givers with highly skilled wound care clinicians who can then make an appropriate assessment in real time without any need to make an appointment or travel to the site, which otherwise would take several days to organize and schedule. Caregivers can then immediately implement the treatment plan advised by the wound care clinician reducing the risk of infection or having the wound worsen any further.