Virtual Micro-Credentialing for Unregulated Care Providers

Man using a tablet

Award Date: 2021

Project Lead(s): Faith Boutcher, Director, Academic Education & IPE at Baycrest

Project Title: Virtual Micro-Credentialing for Unregulated Care Providers

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the growing need for education addressing the healthcare of older adults. This project will refine a 12-week part-time micro-credentialed certificate designed to teach the basics of geriatric care to unregulated healthcare providers (i.e., healthcare aides, private companions), and assess the benefits and educational outcomes of a virtual 12-week certificate program. The course will be delivered through an established virtual learning platform (ALPHA), which uses a simulated educational environment to foster effective, interactive, and motivated learning.  The certificate will blend individual and group work, simulation, and case-based learning, and will offer participants a forum for live discussions with experts.