The Glendon Repeatable Executive Attention Tests (GREAT)

Award Date: 2017

Project Lead(s): Kristoffer Romero, Assistant Professor

Project Title: The Glendon Repeatable Executive Attention Tests (GREAT)

What is the issue?

Older adults need a way to monitor their cognition and detect early signs of impairment to improve their health. But traditional cognitive tests have several drawbacks. They take a lot of time and they are not accessible to people living in rural communities or who speak different languages. Existing tests are mainly on paper and are not sensitive enough to detect subtle changes in cognitive ability.

What did we do?

We created computerized cognitive tests for older adults and conducted a pilot study in clinics to see how well they worked. The Glendon Repeatable Executive Attention Tests contain attention control tests that are sensitive to cognitive changes. We evaluated user experience for the in-person and online versions. The tests were developed in both English and French.

What did we find?

Our tools provided a new way for older adults to learn about their cognitive changes, allowing them to take more control of their care at an earlier stage. We updated previous versions of the cognitive tests with learning from the pilot study.