Telemedicine Support for Managing Residents’ Responsive Behaviour

Senior women use smartphone while point-of-care worker looks on

Award Date: 2016

Project Lead(s): Beatrise Edelstein, Program Director Behaviour Support and Special Projects

Project Title: Evaluating the impact of telemedicine in the care and treatment of individuals with responsive behaviours in long-term care

What is the issue?

The Baycrest Long Term Care Behaviour Support Outreach Team provides visits, assessments, and care planning to long-term care residents with dementia who experience behavioural symptoms. There is a growing demand for these services. Our team loses time travelling in a big, congested city. 

What did we do?

We tested whether telemedicine visits would be an acceptable alternative. Our team communicated with staff at long-term care homes, and families of residents where possible, via the Ontario Telemedicine NetworkWe conducted surveys and interviews to collect feedback from participants 

What did we find?

The videoconferencing approach worked well. More than 90 per cent of the visits happened as planned. Staff gained helpful insights and felt that the virtual appointments helped them have better relationships with family membersThere were some concerns about video quality, sound, and connectivity.