Smart Sensor Platform Monitors Patient Beds to Reduce Pressure Injuries

The Curiato team

Award Date: 2018

Project Lead(s): Jake Tran

Project Title: Pressure injury management system for individuals living with dementia in LTC and acute care institutions 

What is the issue?

Patients who are bedridden for long periods are at risk of developing pressure injuries. Currently, nurses perform intermittent physical assessments to determine when they need to reposition patients. There is no available technology that continuously monitors the surface of a hospital bed and provides alerts.

What did we do?

We evaluated a smart sensor platform called Curiato. It is a thin, flexible surface with sensors that is placed under a sheet on a mattress. The sensors monitor pressure, temperature, and humidity to assess the risk of developing pressure sores. We conducted a clinical study of 104 patients hospitalized for at least 18 hours daily at the Toronto Grace Health Centre to compare data and insights from Curiato with nurses’ physical assessments.

What did we find?

Curiato’s sensor data on surface pressure, temperature, and humidity were very similar to data collected by nurses in physical assessments, demonstrating that this innovation measured pressure injury risk factors accurately.