Online Memory and Aging Program

Two seniors using the Memory and Aging Program on a laptop

Award Date: 2016

Project Lead(s): Angela Troyer, Program Director

Project Title: Online Memory and Aging Program (MAP)

What is the issue?

Older adults notice changes in their memory, such as forgetting the name of someone they know, misplacing their keys, or forgetting to do things. These memory mistakes can be a source of significant concern and frustration. Many older adults need practical solutions to help them cope with memory problems.  

The Memory and Aging Program is an in-person education program at Baycrest. It has helped over 1,000 older adults increase their knowledge, expand their memory skills, and learn how to make brain-healthy lifestyle choices. 

What did we do?

For this project, we made web-based version of the program, including interactive learning features and discussions with other learners. We tested it in a two-phase study. In phase one, 18 participants reviewed learning modules at home. We collected their feedback through surveys and focus groups and refined the technology. In phase two, we compared memory test scores for 16 participants before and after they used the program 

What did we find?

Older adults liked the modules and found them relevant and easy to useThey gained practical knowledge about memory and how it is affected by aging, health, lifestyle, and other factors.