Meditation and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to Improve Cognition and Well-Being

Award Date: 2018

Project Lead(s): Ray Janisse, Registered Respiratory Therapist, Practice Lead

Project Title: Effect of meditation and hyperbaric oxygen therapy on cognition, healing and overall well-being in elderly patients with chronic wounds

What is the issue?

Elderly patients with chronic foot ulcers suffer from physical impairment. They also may experience mood problems, a sense of powerlessness, and a loss of independence as a result of their condition. Oxygen therapy provided in a hyperbaric chamber is a treatment option that may be offered to patients when standard wound care does not heal their ulcers. Recent studies have shown that structured meditation programs can improve both physical and mental health.  

What did we do?

We set out to study whether daily sessions of oxygen therapy plus meditation sessions would improve wound healing and mood in elderly patients. We planned to conduct a multicentre, randomized trial among patients who received oxygen therapy plus meditation compared to oxygen therapy alone. We were going to compare rates of healing between groups as well as changes in patients’ mood, anxiety, stress, and cognitive function.  

What did we find?

Our goal was to recruit 50 study participants. The recruitment rate was significantly lower than predicted as our patient population changed during the research period. As a result, we are searching for more funding to complete the trial.