IlluminAID: Lighting for Fall Prevention

Legs dangling over the end of a bed at night

Award Date: 2017

Project Lead(s): Sonia Hardern, Performance Improvement Consultant

Project Title: IlluminAID: Lighting for fall prevention

What is the issue?

Residents in long-term care homes often get up at night to use the bathroom or to walk out of their rooms. They need to see where they are going and at the same time, avoid disturbing other residents.

What did we do?

We tested and refined a lighting system called IlluminAid that attaches under beds and furniture. The lights come on when they detect motion and turn off after a set period of time. A smartphone app allows care staff to adjust the motion sensors and the colour, brightness, and length of time the light is on.

We tested prototypes in six rooms where at least one of the residents uses the bathroom independently at night. We gathered feedback from residents, their families, and care staff.

What did we find?

IlluminAid helped residents feel safer getting out of bed at night. It also helped care staff conduct hourly rounds without having to turn on overhead lights and disrupt others. Family members felt the lighting system improved the quality of care for their loved ones and would be open to paying for it. It did not provide sufficient lighting for other activities.