iGeriCare: Online Dementia Resources from a Geriatrician

Lesson modules from the iGeriCare app, with images and text.

Award Date: 2017

Project Lead(s): Richard Sztramko, Physician, Assistant Professor

Project Title: iGeriCare: Online resources on dementia from your geriatrician

What is the issue?

Caregivers need information on how to manage their loved ones with dementia. But it’s hard for them to find time to attend meetings and appointments to learn helpful strategies.   

What did we do?

We created an online education program for caregivers called iGeriCare. Doctors recommend lessons for caregivers and patients with dementia to review at their own pace. The topics include dementia, mild cognitive impairment, and how to promote brain health. Two caregivers tested prototype lessons, and we made refinements. Three other caregivers tested the lessons in person. So far, subject matter experts and caregivers have reviewed eight of the ten lessons. We also created a social platform where caregivers and patients with dementia can connect with others facing similar challenges. 

What did we find?

Caregivers felt that the lessons and the learning objectives were helpful. They liked the navigation features and the additional resources in the online format. Some participants in our study had trouble finding time to do the lessons. Caregivers enjoyed the social community feature and said they needed a place to connect with others.