HeartBeat Technologies

Award Date: 2018

Project Lead(s): Mary Lou Ackerman, Vice President Innovation at SE Health

Project Title: HeartBeat Technologies

What is the issue?

HeartBeat Technologies developed software that allows doctors, nurses, and caregivers to monitor patients’ heart health remotely in real-time. The software records changes in measurements, including heart rate, oxygen level, continuous blood pressure, cardiac output, hydration. It displays results in an easy-to-read graphic format with indicators of normal measurements for comparison. The product aims to help prevent unnecessary hospitalizations and re-admissions through remote monitoring.

What did we do?

We measured the accuracy of the software’s ability to correctly measure blood pressure by comparing its results by trained healthcare professionals using a Health Canada-approved blood pressure cuff. We validated the data that flowed from the software to the IntelligentCare platform and assessed patients’ experiences using the technology. Our goal was to improve and validate the accuracy of the software.

What did we find?

The software did not measure systolic blood pressure with sufficient accuracy but did adequately measure diastolic pressure.