jDome BikeAround: A Virtual Cycling Program to Reduce Falls

Award Date: 2018

Project Lead(s): Susan Zorz, Director of Residents Services

Project Title: Fall Prevention Program Using the jDome BikeAround for High Risk Residents Living in Long-Term Care

What is the issue?

About half of the residents living in long-term care experience falls. Falls can cause pain, hip fractures, disability, and even death. Physical activity reduces the risk of falls and increases well-being. Stationary cycling is one example of an activity that may be helpful for long-term care residents who are at high risk for falls.

What did we do?

We tested a cycling program called jDome BikeAround with seniors living in long-term care who were at risk for falls. The program uses a stationary bike with a screen that displays a chosen destination from Google Street View. As users pedal, they move down virtual streets and visit familiar places or travel to places they have always wanted to visit.

For our study, one group of seniors used the cycling program three times a week for six weeks and participated in a fall prevention program. A second group received only the fall prevention program for six weeks. After a six-week rest period, we switched interventions for the two groups. A total of six residents completed all 18 sessions.

What did we find?

Participants really enjoyed the cycling sessions. They showed a reduced number of falls and improved physical endurance and quality of life.