Spark-CU (Colleges and Universities)


Colleges & Universities

Launching Canada’s future

aging + brain health innovators

Tailored coaching to develop students’ innovative solutions into businesses

Funding to achieve business milestones

Participation in pitch competition for a $25,000 investment

CABHI’s Spark-CU (Colleges & Universities) Program provides students attending select Ontario colleges and universities with funding, along with coaching and mentorship, to develop their innovative aging and brain health solutions into businesses.

Program Details

Through Spark-CU, CABHI partners with Innovation Centres at select colleges and universities in Ontario to issue calls for proposals for full-time enrolled students (including undergraduate and graduate students, as well as postdocs and medical residents) across their campuses.

Applications describe an innovative business idea that addresses CABHI’s identified priority area(s). Each College/University nominates one team who will receive $5,000 and other supports towards achieving their business milestones over a six-month period. Nominated student teams must be pre-incorporated and pre-revenue generating.

At the end of six months, all teams pitch to a panel of judges who will award the top team with a larger investment of $25,000 via a post-money SAFE agreement, along with access to CABHI’s full innovation network and Acceleration Services.

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We are not accepting Spark-CU applications at this time.

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