Aging + Brain Health Innovation: What’s Next Canada?

Aging + Brain Health Innovation: What’s Next Canada?

Join the nation’s leading innovators, entrepreneurs and global companies for world-class keynotes, discussions, rapid fire presentations and demonstrations of ground-breaking innovations in the aging and brain health sector.

Co-Hosted and co-produced by Mary Furlong & Associates

About What’s Next Canada’s
Inaugural Innovation Day

What’s Next Canada’s Inaugural Innovation Day, hosted in partnership with the Baycrest-led Centre for Aging + Brain Health and Mary Furlong & Associates, is the industry’s premier event for networking, collaboration and learning opportunities highlighting how to build, scale-up, and promote adoption of aging and brain health innovations across the senior’s sector, and industry trends.  

As the third day of Baycrest’s 29th  Annual Rotman Research Institute Conference held on March 18 – 19, 2019, a 2-day research conference with our sister organization, What’s Next Canada’s Inaugural Innovation Day will also attract opportunities for innovators to form transformative collaborations with renowned researchers, clinicians, health care providers and corporate executives in the seniors sector.

Why Attend?

Meet leading entrepreneurs, startups, and established companies who are successfully targeting complex challenges in aging and brain health, facing the largest demographic in the world.

Innovation Day will bring together the country’s leading brain health experts and innovators, while also examining the perspectives of older adults – a critical factor in the success of CABHI-funded projects — ensuring that innovations align with real-world problems and solutions.

Participate in the Pitch Competition for the 2019 CABHI Innovation Award and learn more about the latest technologies in aging and brain health, including robotics, VR, brain health assessment tools and artificial intelligence.


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