Announcing the Leap community’s Open House Week!

Leap Open House Week

Are you an adult 55+ or a caregiver to someone who is? You are invited to the Leap community’s Open House Week!


Taking place May 24-27, Open House Week features a jampacked series of free virtual events that will educate, inspire, and connect lifelong learners who are interested in influencing the latest aging and brain health innovations.


Created by the Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation (CABHI), Leap is an online community where we share, learn, collaborate and advise on the solutions that are being developed to make aging better.


Take a look at our event lineup below. Register to become a Leap member here (it’s free!) in order to gain access to these do-not-miss events.


Leap Open House Events


Tuesday May 24, 2022


Digital Literacy Club: Tablets & Smartphones

11 AM – 12 PM EST

Learn all about tablets and smartphones at this Digital Literacy Club event! Master the basic components of a smart device, including: considerations about device settings, finding & downloading apps, app store best practices, apps with value, mastering text based communication, voice commands and more. Join the Digital Literacy Club to feel confident about selecting and adopting the best technology solutions for your own interests and lifestyle.


Exploring the World of Design Thinking and Innovation

2 PM – 3 PM EST

What do some of the world’s leading brands, such as Apple, Google and Samsung, and leading universities around the world, including Stanford, Harvard, Imperial College London and the Srishti Institute in India, use to solve problems in a creative and innovative way? Design Thinking! Design thinking provides a solution-based approach to solving problems which helps you do so in a creative and collaborative way. Design thinking opens up an entirely new way of thinking and revolves around a deep interest to understand the people for whom we design products and services. At the Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation we support innovators to use the tools and strategies design thinking offers. This interactive workshop will walk you through how new ideas are created and tested. Join us as we discover together the relationship between creativity, innovation and invention while having fun in the process!

Join Leap Community Facilitator, Bianca Stern as she takes you on a creativity journey to learn how you can uncover new ideas and grow them to become innovative solutions. Learn the versatile tools of design thinking which can be applied to many areas in one’s life when you are looking to solve a ‘problem’ in a new, out-of-the-box manner.


Wednesday May 25, 2022


Ask the Expert with Baycrest Audiologist Marilyn Reed

11-12 AM EST


Tour of the Leap Platform

2:00 – 2:45 PM EST


Thursday May 26, 2022


Aging: Our Life As We Know It

3:30 – 4:00 PM EST

Stories are a part of our daily lives, through the books we read, in the anecdotes we tell our friends, and the unique ways we encounter our world. Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools that we have to better understand each other, teach, inspire and influence. Our goal here at Leap is to build a collective story about the complex, diverse and uniquely human task of ageing. As we humans age and navigate through transitions in or lives, our personal experiences can influence innovators to refine their emerging solutions or help to uncover problems yet unsolved or needs yet undiscovered.

Join storyteller & Leap Community facilitator Bianca Stern as she invites participants to share their own perspectives, adventures, and outlooks on the experience of growing older and wiser. The topic of this session’s storytelling will focus on the experience of ageism.


Friday May 27, 2022


Tour of the Leap Platform

11:00 AM – 12:45 PM EST


Register to become a Leap member here (it’s free!) in order to gain access to these do-not-miss events.