Key Performance Indicators

Project Key Performance Indicators 2015/2016


New Products or Services: Products, processes, or services refers to a tangible application, device, equipment, piece of software etc. that is developed or refined/improved, and introduced into practice and/or brought to market.

Products or Services Evaluated: Refers to products, processes or services evaluated or validated.

New Practices: New practice refers to a new or refined/improved care practice developed and introduced into practice.

Practices Evaluated: Refers to new practices evaluated or validated.

New Knowledge: Refers to improvements to knowledge or awareness of brain health issues, market and client needs, or improved access to care-related information, information on new or improved products, processes, services, treatments, or other interventions in support of dementia, brain health, or elderly care.

Knowledge Exchange: Refers to formal training hosted in various forms.

Exhibits: Refers to participation as exhibitor at conferences or tradeshows.

Awards: Refers to honours, awards, or prestigious appointments received for recognition of project work.

Publications: Refers to papers, manuscripts, books, submitted for publication to journals or conferences and peer reviewed.

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